You Should Probably Take More Breaks

Working too much not only hurts you, but most likely your project as well!

By Liam Craffey on March 10th, 2018

As game developers, sometimes people dedicate an insane amount of hours working on a project. This can happen for many reasons from curiosity to crunch. While it may seem like they should be working 24/7, usually it’s actually healthier, and more beneficial to the project, to take a moment to rest.

This rest can be anything from taking a walk for 15 minutes to having a slow week. Both of these have the crucial benefit of allowing us to step away from the project for a little. This allows one to separate themselves from the project for a moment, and think about other things in their lives. Then, when they return, they may utilize a new perspective to the same piece of work. Thus, they not only relax a little but may realize something that was totally invisible before.

Maybe one suddenly has an insight into a bug after having to reacquaint themselves with it. Maybe one gets a look from a new angle on a model, and suddenly realizes why it looks wrong. Maybe, while out and about, one gets inspiration from something they saw. Maybe you talk things over with people not involved with the project, and get new insights on how to solve a major issue.

Whatever the case, it’s important to allow a mind to wonder and do the thing it does best: think. Most analysis and thinking is done subconsciously, which is both frustrating and life-saving. On the one hand, one may come up with an answer out of the blue, but on the other it may take them thinking over it for hours or weeks on end. When it gets to that point it’s probably best to step away, relax, and come back to it later.

With Spring Break starting here at Champlain College, we’re taking a light workload this week and taking a moment to relax. Our team members have scattered to the wind and are going home, seeing love ones, or getting away from it all. That doesn’t mean nobody will be working, because we love this project and want it to succeed, but we understand and appreciate the value of taking breathers. Besides, as students, this might be one of our last moments of rest before we fully enter the workforce. Remember to take breaks!

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