Visual Sneak Peak

Check out what our Art Director, Alana Slattery, has been up to the past week!

By Alana Slattery on March 3rd, 2018

Various modular pieces were set up for use as props in the ship. A few were tweaked and edited to better suit the levels. The dialogue UI was updated to help give it a more complete and cohesive look.

New textures were made to help give player feedback with the squid. When your health dips below a certain point now the squid will appear beaten and bloodied. On top of that when the squid is electrocuted it will flash a cartoon like image of bones to indicate the electrocution.

Concepts were made for ship centerpieces. There should hopefully be a unique centerpiece for each level but this could be considered more of a stretch goal as the centerpieces are not what is most important in regards to everything we need for this game.

A back wall piece was also developed for the purposes of depth and the boss sprite has been updated and will continue to be updated so that it can function properly in the game.

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